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INFITT's 16th World Tamil Internet Conference in Toronto, Canada, August 25-27, 2017

INFITT’s  16th Tamil Internet Conference 2017Toronto, Canada  August 25-27,  2017          
The International Forum for Information Technology in Tamil (INFITT) is pleased to inform that the 16th Tamil Internet Conference 2017 will be held in the University of Toronto, Scarborough Campus in the Greater Toronto Area during August 25-27th, 2017 The INFITT annual conference is co-sponsored by the University of Waterloo Centre for Pattern Recognition and Machine Intelligence, IEEE Canada and with the support of the University of Toronto. Research papers in all the areas of Tamil Computing are invited. We have identified two key areas for this year’s conference: Deep Learning and Data Science. In addition to these thematic areas, Conference Program Committee welcomes regular research papers on the following topics: • Natural Language Processing (NLP) applications in Tamil, Spellchecker, Grammar checker, 
Text Analytics/Mining,Sentiment Analysis,Speech recognition, T…

உத்தமத்தின் 16-ஆவது தமிழிணைய மாநாடு- தொராண்டோ- கனடா ஆகத்து 25-27, 2017

16 -ஆவதுஉலகத்தமிழிணையமாநாடு2017 தொராண்டோ, கனடா
                    அனுப்புவதற்கான முதல்அறிவிப்பு 

  உலகத் தமிழ் தகவல் தொழில்நுட்ப மன்றத்தின் (உத்தமம்) 16வது தமிழிணைய மாநாடு 2017,  கனடாவில் தொராண்டோ (Toronto) மாநகரில், தொராண்டோபல்கலைக்கழகசுகார்பரோ (Scarborough)