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Is the word tēvaṉ (தேவன்) used in Tamil a borrowed word from Sanskrit (देव, deva) ?

Is the word  tēvaṉ (தேவன்) used in Tamil a borrowed word from Sanskrit (देव, deva)
? There are two conflicting views on this and I wish to briefly describe it

Considering the Sanskrit word deva (देव,), there are interesting cognates and related words in other Indo-European languages. For example in Ancient Greek , there is this word θεός (theós, “god”, noun) which means 'god'.  From which we get English word like theology. However a very similar sounding Latin word deus, which also means 'god' is said to be not related to Ancient Greek word theós (θεός). Based on Comparative Method they show that they are not related. However, the Latin word is related to a reconstructed Proto-Indo-European (PIE) word *deywós, from PIE *dyew-, meaning “sky” or “heavens”, which is also said to be the source of Sanskrit deva.

There is really a significant deviation in meaning of the word deva in the most closely
related language, Persian دیو  (dêv) which means 'devil, demon'.  It…